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Check the collection of A Cup of English first. Then, make friends with your local library. In all libraries in Bilbao you can find books in English starting from simplified, graded classics to novels originally written in English. Alhóndiga has probably the biggest and most attractive choice. Remember that your reader's card is valid in all public libraries in Euskadi.

Bibliotecas municipales de Bilbao

Second hand books in English

Libros en movimiento, C/Bailén 29, Bilbao

Take books for free on condition that you make them keep moving.

Libros de segunda mano, C/Carnicería Vieja 7, Bilbao

Re-read, low-cost bookshop, C/ Alameda Urquijo 79, Bilbao



Gabriele Galimberti is an Italian photographer. His website is full of interesting projects to look at and read about.

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“Ideas worth spreading.” Speeches recorded at conferences all around the world. You can choose the duration (even under 6 minutes) and the topic that most interests you (from medicine and technology to toys and adventure).

6-minute English

BBC produced podcasts for learners of English. Easy to follow for intermediate students.

Films in original version

Starting from now on watch all the films in original version with subtitles in Spanish. Maybe it won't be easy at first, but be patient and you'll learn a lot!


Free on-line courses held by universities from all around the world. Everyone can find something for themselves among a wide range of courses and specializations: from Greek Mythology to Business and Finance.

A Cup of English on Facebook

A Cup of English on Instagram


Fifty-word stories

A fiction competition and loads of shorts stories to read

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